Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Late night.. Cant effing sleep.. SO what do i do?! Go read people's blogs. Well they are there to be read aren't they?! Oh the joy! What's do i come across?! A person's blog, who is meant to be a friend, who has continually stuffed up their life, yet i still show my support no matter what! No matter how shit this person has treated me! I have never done or said anything hurtful towards them! Oh yeah sorry about my 'French'. HAHH! Oh wait.. Sorry you are the ONLY person who is allowed to associate yourself with France. Blah blah blah. Bloody get off your high horse i swear! I cant believe how i let myself give into your FAKE gestures of reconciliation. Maybe it's finally time for me to be fake to you.. I actually meant all the shit i said to you! There are reasons why i didn't do certain things & i thought i had your sincere support but now i know i don't! If you effing have something to say to me, say it to my face! Oh yes, how 'hardcore' of me to say that but hey, at least i mean it! You think you're so great but seriously.. Many think so little of you now. I know i sound like a major bitch now but hey, i say it how it is when it is absolutely necessary. I don't know if you still read this but i hope you do 'cause honestly, right now i really want you to know how i feel! & from now on all you're gonna see is fake from me or probably no effort at all. I tried, i honestly did but now.. I've just about given up. Oh yes, how dramatic! BLAH.


Ps: Lia! I know you're probably the only one who is possibly gonna give a shit to read this so give you're up for a bitch, i know you are (LOL), give me a buzz. :)

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