Friday, May 1, 2009


Eh.. Twitter, not so for me. I dno.. I just haven't taken a fancy like most. Not my cuppa joe. Each to their own aye.

Anyways quick update since i hardly blog.. (It's not like anyone reads this anyways. HAHH!)

  1. Alot of SHIT has happened. Oh yes, i swore! Not to be cool or anything.. Just saying what it is. A big hunk'a'load of SHIZET! (Lame)
  2. I have still yet to book a driving lesson. Excuses = It's raining.. i'm sick.. i'm poor.. Maybe i just don't want to right now OR maybe i'm just a lazy ass. MAYBE.. ><"
  3. Good news! YAY! Enquired for the foundations graphic design course & yes! They ARE indeed doing a mid-year intake! Hoorah! No more doing-absolutely-nothing-wasting-my-precious-time-at-home kind of stuff! Oh the joy! (LULZ)
  4. Sorry to kill the joy but sadly.. I have been at home the past week or so with the flu.. Yes, the swine flu! DUNDUNNNDUNNNNN! Haha. Only joking.. Okay sorry, yes i know it's not something to joke about. *Sigh. But yeah, i've been home with all the coughing & the sneezing & the flemmy stuff. Gross.
  5. Bloody manager + mean supervisors are STILL driving me crazy! C'mon! 2 shifts in 2 effing weeks! GAH!
  6. I'm on to my 3rd finalised piece for my portfolio. Have faith in me guys! I got 3 weeks to have 10 pieces perfects. T_T"
  7. There is a 'potential'.. Hehehe.
  8. I want to change things! From my hair to my attitude. Where to start aye? Hmm.. Maybe the hair. :)
  9. Ooh ooh. I watched FU! (Lulz. Fired Up!) for the second time last night. First was with some mates. THAT was a pretty awesome day & last night was with the sisters + some of their mates. They invited me & thought hey i haven't hung out with them in a while so i might as well.. It was nice.. I feel like i hardly see them nowadays. I really do miss them sometimes. :(
  10. Okay okay to end on a lighter note.. I'm doing alright. No major mishaps for me specifically, just doing my best staying strong for others & making sure i'm doing an, at least mediocre job myself. It's going pretty well.. :)

Thanks for listening kids.

- Jess. x