Monday, May 25, 2009

The week that has been..

Last week was pretty awesome I say! Actually it's been the best week i've had in ages! Hope it stays this way aye. *Crosses fingers* Quick summary! :)

Sunday17th: Just the usual church & work. Church was pretty awesome, per usual but yeah work was a drag.. per usual. Hahh.

Monday18th: Work that night. Work was especially shit 'cause i found out some pretty horrible news just before i started (too personal to write here, sorry). Was pretty much frazzled the entire night (a lil cry in there somewhere), so my supervisors were nice enough to keep me off registers & just do other jobs so i wouldn't have to deal with people. Really felt the love there. Lol. After work bought some Maccas for me & my God-daughter, 'cause she was sick so we visited her. She's so effing adorable! I'll post up pictures of her some other time. (Cbb uploading them on my comp from the phoneage right now. :S)

Tuesday19th: Morning involved me & Jennika going see a dear friend. Was pretty bitter-sweet. I liked it though. Hahh. But yeah after went to Blacktown Westpoint & just hung out for abit. I always love my time with Jennika. She brings joy back to reality. Ayeee.. Haha. Well yeah just got lunch from this little chicken shop then sat at the benches in front of the library & just talked. :) Ooh whilst i was at Blacktown i applied for a job @ Lonsdale & the lady said i pretty much had the job. I swear she better put me through! Gah! I want it so bad! But no reply just yet.. :( People said i should call back to follow up but yeah i dno, i don't wanna be annoying. Hahh. Worked that night too. Nothing much to say about that but they let me go home early 'cause it was quiet so spent my time in the lunch room talking to whoever was there while waiting for the parentals to pick me up. Hahh. That was probably the most exciting part of work that night. (Y)

Wednesday20th: Wednesday was youth. I always look forward to Wednesday nights now. :) Our lesson that night was pretty funny too. It was about loving difficult people & we all had to go around in a circle & say one thing that makes us hard to be loved & our forgiveness rating our of 10. MANY realizations came out of that. Hilarious stuff! XD Afterwards the usual food & gaming. Hahh. But yeah on the way home I told Kuya Rj that i needed to go Woolies to buy dog food, so we did & i ended up treating the guys to some late night snacks. Sat at the benches inside the shops nearly till midnight binging on Gaytime ice cream, V, that sour gooey stuff & a whole other load of crap. Hahh. Good times. :)

Thursday21st: Was pretty alright i guess. Was supposed to go out but the weather just really didn't put me in the right mood, so postponed it. ><" But then the father wakes me up & says he wants to go to Dick Smith, with me having the discount & all AND being such a good daughter (BLAH!), i get up an hour later.. LOL. Along with another hour of getting ready. :) Anyways got there, ended up buying a webcam (Y) & a digital recorder, for some strange reason?! Had lunch with dad. That was nice. Hehe. The off back home.. Hours later, mom comes home from work, we go grocery shopping @ Woolies & yeah.. Not much else to say about that day. Moving on..

Probaby the peak of my week! Hehe. That rhymed. :) Nah really it was an awesome night. Like most of us (school mates) hardly see each other nowadays 'cause we either have school or work or some other scheduled engagement & it just sucks how little we see each other. Yes i know i've blogged about this afew times but really this time it was different.. 'cause most of us made an effort! LOL. Yay! Anyways night started off with dinner @ Hog's Breath Cafe in Blacktown. Ohmygoodness, best steak & mash! *Drool* That was pretty cute 'cause we were all like feeding each other food & it was just awww.. Hehe. After that we were SUPPOSED to go bowling but when we got there all the lanes were booked so we were like 'stuff this!' & so after much deliberation on what to do next, i offer my crib to hang out. Go me! *Cough* Yerr.. Night consisted of us watching Hot Rod (Andy marry me!), eating all the junk food i could find in my house, drinking coffee (Oh yes! Very grown up of us. LOL) &.. taking webcam pics! Haha! Well the girls did, while the guys watched Scarface but we convinced them to join in towards the end before they had to leave. :) Was a bloody awesome night i say! Here's some pics. (Y) WARNING: Some images may be R-rated. LOL. Enjoy. :)

The best effing people you'll ever meet! :D

Yeah totally spammed you guys with pics. Hahh. But yeah that night made me happier than i have been in ages. Alright, enough of that day aye! :P

Saturday23rd: Alright.. Last off of the week.. Nothing major that day. Pretty relaxed. Worked on my portfolio a little. People came over at night though. That was alright. Burnt my hand while baking. :( BUT.. Nice end to a good week. :)

& There you go guys! The week that has been! Not such a quick summary aye. Hahh. (Sorry) Hopefully yeah it stays this way.. For a while at least. :)

Thanks for listening kids.
- Jess. x

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