Saturday, December 27, 2008

growing up..

just over an hour till i turn the notorious 18 years of age.. hahh. i dno, i'm half excited, half not. i've previously blogged about yes, a quick recap. lol. i ain't big on the things you can do legally, so no big difference? hmm.. we'll see.. next time i blog i'll most likely be 18 already so i'll tell you what i think then. haha. wish me luck? pfffttttt..

Thursday, December 25, 2008


YAY! MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! wish everyone all the happiness in the world! have a good one! :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

& so the search begins!

yeah looking for jobs again.. going to every job search site possible. hahh. applied for about 5 jobs now.. well it is hard to find a job in sydney, preferably within the cbd, that is administrational (is that even a word? ><') & in a design / media / advertising company. lol. i'm very specific.. wish me luck. :D

ps: if you ever come across a job with a description close to that, please inform me right away. haha. ;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


i HATE being pushed & forced into sharing something i CLEARLY don't want to tell. when will they get it? there's a reason why i don't want to share it, yet they keep on going.. making me upset in the process. + continuously reminding me about it. i'm just sick of it. whatever..

you like to party! i like to party!

alrriigghhttt.. 3 parties in three weeks. lol. proper ones. not just ones you rock up to 'cause a friend or friend is chucking it & you're bored but hey.. hahh. i know i've always said i haven't been big on parties & drinking & stuff but the past 3 weeks or so have been awesome! :)

it all started with timmy ray's. gosh that was one hilarious party.. people getting wasted, acting out of their norm & things that i wasn't supposed to know about happening. good times, good times.. timmy ray you are one FUNNY drunk! :P but yeah it was the first post hsc party & it was REALLY good seeing the crew again. aww.. here's a summary of the shenanigans that went on..

the girls took the opportunity to take decent photos whilst still sober. HAHH!

then lia & some of the others began the drinking.. still pretty sober so took more 'decent' photos.. hey look it's zac efron! bahaha.

tired from work, i found leesh comfy.. :)

lia speeding up the party with some leg spreads.. LOL!

then some HOT HOT GIRL ON GIRL ACTION occured.. :D

the shots came rollin' along then.. uh-muhh anna. :P

lia being one of the first to lose it.. hahh!

me & leesh found this blue bean bag.. i DID NOT get drunk. :P

some drunken dancing & orgasms started.. LOL @ micheal!

& some homosexual activity.. XD

people not being able to feel their tongues, thus some tongue flashing..

& some passing out.. LOL @ pammie! :P

more 'not-so-decent' photo opps.. :)

& finally the girls taking the opportunity to take advantage of poor drunk timmy ray & putting make up on him. LOOOOOL!

awesome night.. awesome night indeed. :D

oh shoot. cbb finishing this right now but the party blog saga shall continue!
so yes..


Friday, December 19, 2008

hello again. :)

yes hello again blog that i haven't written in for say, half a year now. *sigh.. i think i shall start again. pffttt.. & maybe, actually regularly blog. hahh. it's worth a try. life now is gonna be one big adventure..

uh-huh.. got my hsc results + uai the past 2 days & it made me think about alot of things.. i need to take things more seriously. i'm actually gonna start my own life now. i am now responsible for making my own decisions & facing any consequences. i now, have to finally become an adult. LOL. i'm laughing at how bloody cheesy this sounds but yee i know it's true. pretty sure i'll get no university offers, passing on the college thing for now, so all that's left is tafe & employment. tafe is alright but the courses that i wanted to do are full for semester one so i guess it's semester 2 for me.. blah. & employment.. hmm.. i cant stay at woolworths for sure, so since i'm not gonna study straight away i might as well try & get into the industry early. yes! looking at some admin jobs in advertising / design / media companies. looked up afew & it actually excited me more than getting into the course i wanted. hahh. i shall apply for a bunch soon! so yes those are my options for now.. trying not to depress myself any longer. LOL. i burst into tears as soon as someone asked me about my uai @ work. weak! blah.. i'll get over it. it's just the aftershock.. i need a distraction. :)

anyways.. on a happier note. i turn 18 in 9 days! yee! i dno, i love my birthdays but still, the prospect of me turning 18, doesn't excite me as much as it does for others. i ain't big on drinking, i don't smoke & i'll not that excited to go to clubs, except for indie clubs! hehe. don't get me wrong, i'm not completely lame, HAHH! but i can have fun without those extremes. ask my friends, i act drunk either way. LOL. nah but i'm more excited about the things that's happening surrounding my actual birthday..

first, yes there's Christmas on the 25th! i always loved Christmas. i don't go hard out but i always seem to have the spirit. haha. & this year i'm more excited to give presents out than receive them. :) i bought my God parents these sweet hampers full of goodies & i bought my God daughter this really cute dora the explorer set that talks & everything. yay! hehe. i bought my sister her present yonks ago, a top she loved when we went shopping but she never bought 'cause the was limiting herself, so i went back & got it. aww.. pffttt.. & today i bought dad the new david beckham cologne. thought it smelt nice. :) taking mother shopping for hers 'cause she wants clothes but i dno what she wants & i want to get her something that she really wants & now just gotta get my sister, my brother & sister-in-law's presents & it's all gravy! do you feel the spirit now? do you?! :P *sigh.. i so broke now.. hahh!

ok back to my birthday.. on my actual birthday, 28th, the youth is taking me out for lunch after church! yay! i love my youth! i think they're the bunch of people that know me most. :) & then hopefully, family fun time for dinner. i'd rather do that first than party. oh i'm such a good girl. LOL. after that.. THEN the partying begins! :) got that whole week that includes nye! woop woop! yeah gonna hopefully do my first legal partying then.. & then (gosh so many then's) on that friday, 2nd, is my house party! YAY! i'm mad excited for this, mainly 'cause i invited all my good friends, including some i unfortunately haven't seen in a while. aww.. should be good. :)

oh shoot. think i've written enough + super tired. finished work at midnight & was late night shopping today. darn you Christmas rush. :( i'm off! stay tuned.. you never know when a new blog might pop up! like now! haha.

keep on truckin' guys.. keep on truckin'..

Saturday, June 21, 2008


eh had work today. like pretty much nearly every saturday since april last year. blahh.. worked 3pm till 8pm. might not seem long but was some bloody hard work. not complaining or anything. hahh. i've rather come to enjoy work at times nowadays. anyways.. yes got put in the magical register 9 that can be switched to an express register with a click of a switch. lol. well spent my most of my time there but when the crowd died down i got asked to do stock. this involved me collecting all the returned 'unwanted' items & returning them to the rightful shelf. sounds fun aye? hahh. every now & then it would get busy so i would hear "jessica g. please return to your register." this happened say 3-4 times in my entire shift so you can imagine how bloodly tired my legs are. i was actually originally supposed to work four hours but since i'm stupid & thought it wouldn't be that busy i accepted to work a lil while longer. but now i'm tired & unenthused about doing the research i was planning to do for my extension english essay when i got home..

which brings me to school. hahh. smooth.. yes school. oh school oh school, how cruel you have been. actually no. i've just been wayyy too lazy. my last year of high school. approaching the end of term 2, meaning i pretty much have only one more term of high school left altogether. bloody freaks me out everytime. ok about this essay that's due this coming wednesday. i got it the usual 2weeks ago but only opted to start it now. hahh. wait, it get's worse. i actually haven't read the novel it's about, haven't read the notes either & i only have one related material when we're supposed to relate it to two. fun.. ah well i'll get it done. not to the best of my ability but hey i'll get it done.. gosh i am so gonna regret this later. i seriously need to shape up but i sometimes feel it's too late. anyways i also 2 more assessments this week. one for advanced english which is just some analysis about an extract from the tempest & yes now it get's bad again. i've only read half way through the temptest because i have rather come to deteste shakespeare. lol. the only work i've stuck with of his was the famed romeo & juliet, & a midsomer night's dream. oh yes another analysis of a text i have not read. super fun. ok on to my last assessment this week. it's a progress report on my visual arts major work. i guess i'm pretty confidant with this one. visual arts is like the only subject i enjoy nowadays. hahh. & the one subject i actually want to try in.

oh i know there are so many people that claim art to be a 'passion' of theirs but i guess i find it more as refuge. at times i find myself mindlessly drawing or thinking of ideas for artworks i want to create. as cliche as it sounds art had become a love of mine. not all art, as many state 'oh i'm into all kinds of art'. they're lying. they just want to be cool. lol. what appeal's to me is my own taste & will not say i like somethink just to look good infront of someone. breaking cliches has always been a hobby of mine. =) my major work does that exact thing. my concept is about peace. yes there's lots of that going around today i know. hahh. but yes mine looks at peace at a more personal level. my artwork represents where i have found peace in my life & my views of it in retrospect. i'm trying to steer away of the over use of it & the implication that peace cannot be achieved. there may be some truth to that, referring to the 'world peace' that beauty queens continually ask for but never do a bloody thing about it, LOL!, but i am one to protest about it ever being non-achievable. just look through your life & where have you found peace within your community, relationships, your faith & even yourself. ok not turning all hippy on you, just saying GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! haha.

oh wow. never realised how much i wrote. i think i should stop for now, although i have sooo much more to banter about but hey i'll leave that for another post as i have numerous things to do before i retire to my chamber. blahh.. anways till then take care, God bless & all that other shizz you say when you're going.. k'thanks. =]

Friday, June 20, 2008


ok decided to create a blog as 'tis my last year of high school & would be a good thing to document my time leading up to graduation & the dreaded hsc. eeepp.. although i highly doubt my blog will be updated regularly, please be patient with me. =]

PS. comment box coming up soon. (Y)