Saturday, June 21, 2008


eh had work today. like pretty much nearly every saturday since april last year. blahh.. worked 3pm till 8pm. might not seem long but was some bloody hard work. not complaining or anything. hahh. i've rather come to enjoy work at times nowadays. anyways.. yes got put in the magical register 9 that can be switched to an express register with a click of a switch. lol. well spent my most of my time there but when the crowd died down i got asked to do stock. this involved me collecting all the returned 'unwanted' items & returning them to the rightful shelf. sounds fun aye? hahh. every now & then it would get busy so i would hear "jessica g. please return to your register." this happened say 3-4 times in my entire shift so you can imagine how bloodly tired my legs are. i was actually originally supposed to work four hours but since i'm stupid & thought it wouldn't be that busy i accepted to work a lil while longer. but now i'm tired & unenthused about doing the research i was planning to do for my extension english essay when i got home..

which brings me to school. hahh. smooth.. yes school. oh school oh school, how cruel you have been. actually no. i've just been wayyy too lazy. my last year of high school. approaching the end of term 2, meaning i pretty much have only one more term of high school left altogether. bloody freaks me out everytime. ok about this essay that's due this coming wednesday. i got it the usual 2weeks ago but only opted to start it now. hahh. wait, it get's worse. i actually haven't read the novel it's about, haven't read the notes either & i only have one related material when we're supposed to relate it to two. fun.. ah well i'll get it done. not to the best of my ability but hey i'll get it done.. gosh i am so gonna regret this later. i seriously need to shape up but i sometimes feel it's too late. anyways i also 2 more assessments this week. one for advanced english which is just some analysis about an extract from the tempest & yes now it get's bad again. i've only read half way through the temptest because i have rather come to deteste shakespeare. lol. the only work i've stuck with of his was the famed romeo & juliet, & a midsomer night's dream. oh yes another analysis of a text i have not read. super fun. ok on to my last assessment this week. it's a progress report on my visual arts major work. i guess i'm pretty confidant with this one. visual arts is like the only subject i enjoy nowadays. hahh. & the one subject i actually want to try in.

oh i know there are so many people that claim art to be a 'passion' of theirs but i guess i find it more as refuge. at times i find myself mindlessly drawing or thinking of ideas for artworks i want to create. as cliche as it sounds art had become a love of mine. not all art, as many state 'oh i'm into all kinds of art'. they're lying. they just want to be cool. lol. what appeal's to me is my own taste & will not say i like somethink just to look good infront of someone. breaking cliches has always been a hobby of mine. =) my major work does that exact thing. my concept is about peace. yes there's lots of that going around today i know. hahh. but yes mine looks at peace at a more personal level. my artwork represents where i have found peace in my life & my views of it in retrospect. i'm trying to steer away of the over use of it & the implication that peace cannot be achieved. there may be some truth to that, referring to the 'world peace' that beauty queens continually ask for but never do a bloody thing about it, LOL!, but i am one to protest about it ever being non-achievable. just look through your life & where have you found peace within your community, relationships, your faith & even yourself. ok not turning all hippy on you, just saying GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! haha.

oh wow. never realised how much i wrote. i think i should stop for now, although i have sooo much more to banter about but hey i'll leave that for another post as i have numerous things to do before i retire to my chamber. blahh.. anways till then take care, God bless & all that other shizz you say when you're going.. k'thanks. =]

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