Friday, December 19, 2008

hello again. :)

yes hello again blog that i haven't written in for say, half a year now. *sigh.. i think i shall start again. pffttt.. & maybe, actually regularly blog. hahh. it's worth a try. life now is gonna be one big adventure..

uh-huh.. got my hsc results + uai the past 2 days & it made me think about alot of things.. i need to take things more seriously. i'm actually gonna start my own life now. i am now responsible for making my own decisions & facing any consequences. i now, have to finally become an adult. LOL. i'm laughing at how bloody cheesy this sounds but yee i know it's true. pretty sure i'll get no university offers, passing on the college thing for now, so all that's left is tafe & employment. tafe is alright but the courses that i wanted to do are full for semester one so i guess it's semester 2 for me.. blah. & employment.. hmm.. i cant stay at woolworths for sure, so since i'm not gonna study straight away i might as well try & get into the industry early. yes! looking at some admin jobs in advertising / design / media companies. looked up afew & it actually excited me more than getting into the course i wanted. hahh. i shall apply for a bunch soon! so yes those are my options for now.. trying not to depress myself any longer. LOL. i burst into tears as soon as someone asked me about my uai @ work. weak! blah.. i'll get over it. it's just the aftershock.. i need a distraction. :)

anyways.. on a happier note. i turn 18 in 9 days! yee! i dno, i love my birthdays but still, the prospect of me turning 18, doesn't excite me as much as it does for others. i ain't big on drinking, i don't smoke & i'll not that excited to go to clubs, except for indie clubs! hehe. don't get me wrong, i'm not completely lame, HAHH! but i can have fun without those extremes. ask my friends, i act drunk either way. LOL. nah but i'm more excited about the things that's happening surrounding my actual birthday..

first, yes there's Christmas on the 25th! i always loved Christmas. i don't go hard out but i always seem to have the spirit. haha. & this year i'm more excited to give presents out than receive them. :) i bought my God parents these sweet hampers full of goodies & i bought my God daughter this really cute dora the explorer set that talks & everything. yay! hehe. i bought my sister her present yonks ago, a top she loved when we went shopping but she never bought 'cause the was limiting herself, so i went back & got it. aww.. pffttt.. & today i bought dad the new david beckham cologne. thought it smelt nice. :) taking mother shopping for hers 'cause she wants clothes but i dno what she wants & i want to get her something that she really wants & now just gotta get my sister, my brother & sister-in-law's presents & it's all gravy! do you feel the spirit now? do you?! :P *sigh.. i so broke now.. hahh!

ok back to my birthday.. on my actual birthday, 28th, the youth is taking me out for lunch after church! yay! i love my youth! i think they're the bunch of people that know me most. :) & then hopefully, family fun time for dinner. i'd rather do that first than party. oh i'm such a good girl. LOL. after that.. THEN the partying begins! :) got that whole week that includes nye! woop woop! yeah gonna hopefully do my first legal partying then.. & then (gosh so many then's) on that friday, 2nd, is my house party! YAY! i'm mad excited for this, mainly 'cause i invited all my good friends, including some i unfortunately haven't seen in a while. aww.. should be good. :)

oh shoot. think i've written enough + super tired. finished work at midnight & was late night shopping today. darn you Christmas rush. :( i'm off! stay tuned.. you never know when a new blog might pop up! like now! haha.

keep on truckin' guys.. keep on truckin'..

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