Saturday, December 20, 2008

you like to party! i like to party!

alrriigghhttt.. 3 parties in three weeks. lol. proper ones. not just ones you rock up to 'cause a friend or friend is chucking it & you're bored but hey.. hahh. i know i've always said i haven't been big on parties & drinking & stuff but the past 3 weeks or so have been awesome! :)

it all started with timmy ray's. gosh that was one hilarious party.. people getting wasted, acting out of their norm & things that i wasn't supposed to know about happening. good times, good times.. timmy ray you are one FUNNY drunk! :P but yeah it was the first post hsc party & it was REALLY good seeing the crew again. aww.. here's a summary of the shenanigans that went on..

the girls took the opportunity to take decent photos whilst still sober. HAHH!

then lia & some of the others began the drinking.. still pretty sober so took more 'decent' photos.. hey look it's zac efron! bahaha.

tired from work, i found leesh comfy.. :)

lia speeding up the party with some leg spreads.. LOL!

then some HOT HOT GIRL ON GIRL ACTION occured.. :D

the shots came rollin' along then.. uh-muhh anna. :P

lia being one of the first to lose it.. hahh!

me & leesh found this blue bean bag.. i DID NOT get drunk. :P

some drunken dancing & orgasms started.. LOL @ micheal!

& some homosexual activity.. XD

people not being able to feel their tongues, thus some tongue flashing..

& some passing out.. LOL @ pammie! :P

more 'not-so-decent' photo opps.. :)

& finally the girls taking the opportunity to take advantage of poor drunk timmy ray & putting make up on him. LOOOOOL!

awesome night.. awesome night indeed. :D

oh shoot. cbb finishing this right now but the party blog saga shall continue!
so yes..



  1. haha i can finally comment :P

  2. hahahaha the text and the photos are out of sinc, but very entertaining :D

  3. yes, yes no can. :P

    no they're not. you just gotta go from right to left to right, then to left again & so on.. hahh.

  4. what thats sucks, i dont understand any of your comments, in that case :P