Thursday, May 21, 2009


Oh it's a'happening! :)

Well the past 2 weeks or so a couple of things have changed & certain situations have rose to become catalysts of change & it's pretty awesome i say. Last week was pretty alright.. I actually have a decent amount of shifts after a long period of having one shift or no shifts at all per week, so i was pretty happy. I have learned to rather appreciate work but still.. Gah! Those effing supervisors / manager still give me the shits sometimes but yeah i've also come to appreciate my friendships with my work mates & the awesome supervisors that actually like me. Lol. But yeah along with that week came my awesome hang out with Lia.

This happened Thursday, nothing major but it was the best! :) Met up with her at Penrith, walked around abit then went back to tafe with her to work on her assignment. Yes.. My furture school. Lol. I dno, when i saw it, i got a little excited. Haha. No, not that way. (Yuck) I'm just full pumped to be starting school again. :) Anyways.. Found out we couldn't use the Mac room 'cause classes were still happening so we (Lia, Levi & I) went back to her place to work on it there instead, with a quick stop off at Plumpton to get a mic & check my roster. So yeah just went back to her place & bumbed. Loled @ Levi while he was doing his Mexican & Italian voices for Lia's assignment. Hilarious man! & Had my own go at being the chick. Epic fail. :S Taking luvo photos every once in a while & pretty much acting like idiots.. It was a good day. :) Made us realise how little time we spend with each other now & how we should all, somehow make time for each other at least once a week & yeah.. Aww.. I love Lia. Lol. Okay here's some photos. :)

1. Lia.. driving?! Yay! :)
2. Boooooooooost!
3. Levi on his super cool motorbike. (Y)
4. Red lights = luvo time. Lol.
5. Lia 'working hard'. :P
6. I looked stoned in most pics. :S
7. Levi whilst recording his voices.
8. She so wants me. ;)
9. Going back to the emo days? Hahh!
10. Yeah she totally wants me. :P
11. LOL!

But yeah that was pretty much my week last week with the usual Youth on Wednesday & church on Sunday. Hahh. Getting late & cant be bothered finishing this blog 'cause it's long enough so aye i'll tell you about this week in my next blog.. Which is, soon? Lol. Just stay tuned yeah. I assure you it'll be an alright read & my week's not even finished anyways. Hahh.

Thanks for listening kids.
- Jess. x

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