Friday, May 15, 2009


I really need to update this thing more often.. Quick notes!

  • I'm happy again. :) Well, more that i've been in a long while.
  • Alot of positive things have been happening. YAY!
  • I've been reconnecting again with my besties which = me, not being such a lonely sad buggah. Hahh.
  • I may just have found my passion for singing again but my goodness, no Australian Idol for me just yet. :P
  • I'm nearing the completion of my portfolio pieces with say two or so weeks to go. Trying to rid myself of the bad habit of procrastination before i actually start school.
  • Starting my change! NOW! :D
  • I actually got shifts at work this week.. 4 to be exact. Lol.
  • Really really hyped to be going to school again & am actually starting the self belief again. Hahh. Hoping for no sudden panic attacks. ><"
  • I'm getting my military trench coat soon! :D
  • I'm seeing the career's crew on Friday! Ohmygoodness! So excited! Missed them so effing much. :(
  • Am realising the single life IS the good life.. (right now) Lol.
  • I'm liking what's happening..

BUT! It is 1.50am & as part of my change, I have opted to try & fix my sleeping pattern before school starts so off i go! Wooooossssshhhhh!

Thanks for listening kids,

- Jess. x

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