Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Let's see.. What's been going on? Hmm..

  • I've been applying for numerous jobs online & offline & so far i haven't been successful with any. Darn you more qualified people! Lol. & Today Lia & I applied for Supre, oh yes Supre. You read right. Haha. Doesn't seem like our thing aye? But eh i guess we're just THAT desperate for a (new) job..
  • Brings me to my current job. I really do despise those people now, manager & those 2 supervisors to be exact. When will they ever get over it?! Gah! No shifts at all this week?! & I wont be surprised if i get next to nothing next week either. Blah.
  • I'm gonna quit soon anyways! :) Whether i get a new job or not. As soon as i get accepted (Please God!) into my course, i'm quitting Woolies & living off youth allowance. Whoo! Dole bludger! Lol. SIF! But yeah i'm just THAT sick of it. ><"
  • Yes! Yes! I finally finished my notorious portfolio that has been driving me crazy for the past so-so months! YAY! I handed it in with my application & all last Thursday & gosh did i feel enormous relief. :) Now just my drawing / aptitude exam next Tuesday & then i wait.. For my future to unravel. Lol. How dramatic. (Y) -- Final pictures of my finished portfolio pieces will eventually make its way onto here so don't worry. Hahh.
  • Most of my friends are on StuVac so i may or maynot see them for a while. *Sigh. But i understand.. Uni is uni. [ :( ]
  • Ooh ooh! Dylan's actually gone! :'( major. He's off to the navy to sail the seven seas & fight pirates & whatnot. Lol. Nah man he's going away party (last Friday) was so bittersweet. He wrote everyone letters & i swear i read my letter like a million times. Gah! I'm gonna miss him so effing much! D': -- Might post up pics of that night in another post.. If bothered. Hahh.
  • Uhh.. What else..
  • I finally got my coat! Yay! I dno if i blogged about this before but eh i'll blog about it again. Lol. It's so pretty! I'll show it to you guys sometime. :)
  • I'm poor. :(

Hahh. That's all i can think of for now.. Dw i'll randomly blog again soon. :D SO stay tuned! OKAY?!

Thanks for listening kids. :)

- Jess. x

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