Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Queen of Procrastination.

Indeed I am! There has been so many things I've been meaning to do the past couple of weeks that I still have not & honestly I don't have a valid excuse for any of it. I seriously think I have a problem. :S

Well the past couple of weeks I have had next to nothing shift-wise so pretty much most of my time has been free & what did I do?! Spend hours sleeping, watching tv or on the computer which included minimum productivity. Gah! I continuously get angry with myself but still do little about it. Is it 'cause deep down inside I really DON'T want to do these things? Possibly.. Maybe.. Probably.. Grr..

Well don't want to go into any more detail 'cause yeah, i'm a lazy ass but here's a list of the more 'important' stuff I should be doing.
  • FINALLY calling the driving instructor & setting up some lessons. Man i've put this off for waaayyy too long. ><"
  • Picking up some of my past artworks from school. Need some of them for my portfolio, which brings me to my next point..
  • Working more on my portfolio! Probably the most important thing on my list. Mid-year apps open on the 27th April. C'mon that's like pretty much a month away?! & I've only got one official piece to put in my portfolio so far. Ahh!
  • Working on my commissioned artwork. Lol. Yeah a friend of mine actually thought I was worthy of creating an artwork for her. She full bought me canvases & paint to create her a masterpiece. Flattered I am indeed but yeah I told her it'll be a while.. Which was the truth. Hahh.
  • Cleaning up more around the house! I'm THAT lazy. :S
  • Accepting more shifts. Seriously i've been called in quite an amount of times to fill in but i've declined most. Usually I am actually out & cant come in but there have been times where I really just didn't feel like working & said I had something on that night, when I didn't. Eg: Today. HAHH!
  • In reference to the above point, saving up! After my epic saving era before my holiday, I got lazy to save. Lol. Well actaully after spending all that money on my holiday, I realised the true joy of spending. I'm so lame. Well i'm starting again now & with the minimum shifts i'm getting, it's kind of hard to with all the weekly expenses to go with.

Uhh.. I think that's all for now. Wow. So bad.. Well if I don't do any of this soon, I'll probably blog about it if I did, someone please! Give me another wake up call & slap me in the face or something?! Haha. No, seriously. I really need to change. LOL @ change. Whatever.

- Jess. x

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