Saturday, March 21, 2009


Finally submitted a 'deviation' on my DeviantArt account after sooooo long. Just looked back & my last post was like May of last year?! Oh my goodness.. Well did lose my 'creative passion' for a while but I guess the thought & will for me to actually start design school soon urged me to fuel that 'passion' again & work on my skills. Hahh! Sounds so 'inspirational-speech-cliche'. Oh my i'm using alot of '...' Ah well.. Anyways I'm quite happy with this piece & I haven't been happy with any of my work lately so it's a relief to all those who were concerned. Pffttt..

Ok may as well tell you about it while i'm here. This piece is titled Renaissance, not referring to the periodic era but to the true definition of the word. The word renaissance simply means rebirth, resurgence, reawakening! Whilst taking these photos I felt so at peace with myself.. That everything was okay. I found the world beautiful again. Lol. I'm so emo.. Ok sorry to kill the moment.. but yeah I just wanted to stand there & watch & possibly never leave.

My holiday up the coast & interstate really opened my eyes to new surroundings, new opportunities, growing up & coming to the realisation for the need to be more independent. Yeah just to fill in gaps, I went on holidays for the first time without my parents & yeah realized how much I relied on them. Hahh. Yes back to my independence speech.. I just recently turned 18 & i've yet to run a muck. I can admit I am most of the time, in many's eyes, a good kid. I don't take much shame in it, as it is indeed a good thing. Hahh. But yeah I realized I need to rely less on people & try to find stuff out on my own. Yay!

Anyways back to my piece.. Well that pretty much explains the representation of it & why it's so relevant to my life right now. It may look like just some pretty photos taken of the famed Kirra Beach by some wannabe photographer to most but it means so much more to me. It captured the pureness of what I was feeling at the time. It captured MY reawakening. :)

As I remember I actually didn't take these photos with the intent of being 'artistic' as I was just being touristy & taking as many photos as I could to keep as memories.. but when I looked back on them I was instantly reminded of what I felt standing there. It inspired me to be creative again.. I'm actually considering adding it to my portfolio for when I apply for college. Thoughts?

Thanks for listening kids. :)
- Jess. x


  1. i like your deviation thingy man,
    makes me wish i took more pics when i went to queensland.
    oh well, clothes and a school bag from there is enough ><


  2. Aww thanks Hannah babes. :)

    Yeah I was just being all touristy & was taking random photos but when I uploaded them on my comp & got a closer look I was like.. :O !! Hahh.

    Oh I loved the shopping there! :)


  3. yeah it was pretty rad,
    nice lookin dudes too :P

  4. LOL. Funny girl! Very true. :P